Weight loss is very scientific. It all boils down to how many calories consumed versus how many calories burned. While exercise really helps in burning calories, its what you eat can be a game changer.All foods have calories. While some come in the form of our favorite dessert or savory dish, the others are packed with nutrients. Its entirely upto us how we mix and match the two and play them to our advantage. if we play smartly. we can get the best of both the worlds: flavor with nutrition at lesser calories.Here are 15 easy tips that can help you cut down up to 500 calories a day: 1.Don’t skip just skimp: Don’t deprive yourself of your favorite food. If you like desserts follow the two bite rule. This way you get your fill and yet you don’t pack on extra calories by finishing the whole dessert.2. Salads can also act as calorie donors: Things that make the salad delicious like cheese crumbles, caramelized nuts, bacon, avocado, dried fruit, croutons can add lots of calories to the otherwise innocent salad. Save 500 calories by avoiding these toppings and choosing lower calorie veggies like bell pepper, onions, green beans & mushrooms. Always ask for dressing on the side.

3. Skip the Buffets: Large display of food is a calorie quagmire. We suggest either you skip it or tread on it carefully. Just because its an “all you can eat” table doesn’t mean you have to eat everything on the table. Start with a salad, pick grilled vegetables, get some lean protein, stay away from baked & deep fried dishes.4. Switch to lighter ingredients: By light we mean low fat. For eg: enjoy your butter chicken recipe but switch the cream with yogurt and eat it with lesser calories. 5.Walk around: One of the easiest ways to burn 500 calories is just by walking around whenever you get chance instead of just lying on your couch. Just walk while you are on phone or tap your feet on your favorite tune. This way you will burn calories and avoid reaching out for a snack out of boredom.
6. Shop offline to burn calories: Look for an opportunity to get out of the house. More physical activity means more calories burnt. Go out do some window shopping, Else, try on a few clothes to simply knock off extra calories7. Do not eat while rushing: Sit back and eat, Rushing to work with a breakfast roll in hand can actually tend you eat more. Whereas, if you sit and stretch out meal for 20 minutes, you tend to eat less. This is where your time can help you save those extra calories and you enjoy more. 8.Get adequate sleep: Lack of sleep can make you binge more on food and you snack a lot. Getting enough sleep can actually help you have control over your cravings and snacking. You should take at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep each day for fresher and healthier day ahead. Sleeping adequately is also a way to cut down the calories.
9. Avoid drinking your calories: Swapping your dinner time drinks with a simple glass of water can help you cut down at least 90 calories. And don’t forget all the sugar we are saving you from.10. Do some house work: Working around the house has never harmed anyone. We give you extra reason to contribute to house hold chores. Dusting, Moping, cleaning your cupboard will not only help you burn calories, but will also de-clutter your place while keeping your mind off food.11. Order a thin crust pizza: Just like you switched to low fat milk, we urge you to do opt for thin crust pizza. Its much healthier than a deep dish pizza and if you can order a whole wheat then its a double whammy. 12.You don’t need “extra Cheese”: OK, we understand that thin crust pizzas are not your type and you still love to binge on your deep dish pizza. Go ahead, but make sure you don’t add extra cheese to it, instead make it rich with other healthy toppings of your choice. So get smart about your food and avoid eating the extra calories.13. Use olive oil to saute your vegetables: We know butter tastes delicious with your vegetables but try olive oil next time. Its lighter, contains antioxidants and is good for your heart.
14. Eat Open sandwiches: Easiest way to shred 100 calories from your sandwich or burger is by getting rid of one slice. You will be surprised that it will still be as filling and you would have saved yourself 10 minutes on the treadmill.15. Exercise: While you are watching what you eat, you got to also pack in some exercise in your routine. Exercise works at multiple levels, first it helps burn calories, second it releases happy hormones in the body and lastly it helps control hunger.
Following these simple 15 ideas will surely help in cutting down calories without compromising much on your taste buds.