1. Focus on health: the Physical, cosmetic, mental and spiritual health. Be fit, try to look good, feel good and think good!

2. Social connectedness: Real and Virtual. Meet people, interact with others, show up and try to have your own circle of people who make you feel good. Do not isolate yourself!

3. Sense of mastery and satisfaction: Try to have some goals for life and slowly and steadily work towards them. Try to develop a sense of mastery and competency at work and home. Do not run away from hard work.

4. Spirituality, prayer and social service: Try to keep some time for inner reflection and introspection. Search for a higher cause of your existence and develop your own ways towards your spirituality, internal peace and service towards society.

5. New experiences: Seek out new experiences in the form of travel, learning something new, meeting new people and learning to improve one's perspective at looking at the world!

6. Spend time with family and loved ones: Keep aside the busy schedule, push work away sometimes and stay around with family. Family is certainly more important than earning money! Seek that quality time with family!

7. Stop being judgemental of others. Break away the prejudices in your mind! Be genuine and helpful towards all!

8. Work for earning some money for daily and monthly expenses. Work for saving some money for larger investments. But remember money is not everything and does not necessarily follow that simple an equation of more money, more happiness! It is a rather very complex equation!

9. Have a zero conflict policy! Have maximum expectations from self and minimum expectations from others!

10. Develop a strong value based system. Stand up for your choices.

11. Develop alternate thinking pathways! Look at new perspectives! Put in questions such as "So what?", "Why not?", "' Big deal", "It happens; Its life" once in a while when complex events confront you face to face! Try to look at things from an intellectual perspective as well!

12. Try to be creative! Seek out hobbies and interests such as photography, cooking, art, travelling, reading, etc! Keep time for leisure activities and relaxation on a regular basis