1. Using hard bristled tooth brush 

2. Giving hard horizontal strokes while brushing 

3. Brushing less than 2 minutes or more than2 minutes [2minutes is the optimal time for brushing]

4. Not changing the brush every 3 months 

5. Brushing more than twice a day or only once a day  [brushing twice a day, as perfect brushing - once is practically not possible]

6. After brushing removing the fluoridated tooth paste by gargling !

7. Not using FLUORIDE rinse after brushing! Brushing in night time [30 min] after dinner, before gong to bed is more important than brushing in the morning!After brushing if you use fluoride mouth rinse, action of fluoride prevents cavity development.

8. Not involving all areas & surfaces of teeth [consciously observe where the brush is, how many strokes it is giving at each area & how the strokes are]

9. Not cleaning tongue

10. Not massaging gums [gums are not just present between teeth, they extend from tooth gum junction to lip reflection in the front & cheek reflection at back teeth]

11. Not using floss [using floss with the help of holders is practically more convenient]

12. Not using tooth brush at 45 degree angle

13. Placing toothpaste on the tip of the bristles. [toothpaste must be placed between the toothbrush bristles]