We have an increasing number of population who are wearing glasses. Increased screen time, eye strain, pain, watering, redness are very common  symptoms involving people from all strata. Natural always appear more beautiful and attractive. We all want to look ,appear naturally beautiful.Eye surgery is a good option, but all surgery have its own pros & cons. There are so many experiences you read or hear, some are good & some are not. So what are the things that one should consider before deciding about it.

  1. You should be above 18 years of age.
  • Your glasses power should be stable, same for at least 6 months, better for a year. Higher glasses power make take longer time to stabilize.
  • Your eyes are clean and clear of any chronic infections, dryness, or inflammation.
  • How is your vision with glasses for distance & near, night vision while driving for each eye? Do you suffer from glare?

  • Your decision is your individual choice & not under peer pressure or social pressure.
  • Get a complete eye examination with dilated fundus examination from a qualified eye specialist. Give complete medical, family & treatment history. Any family history of glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa.
  • Details about type of contact lens, wear & duration. Glare problem if any. The eye specialist may advise you some test for lasik screening like central corneal thickness, IOP, topography, pupil size in normal & dim light, or retinal lasers if you have some weakness in retina.Cornea size & anterior chamber depth.
  • Discuss the types of option available (lasik, custom lasik, thin flap lasik, femto lasik, SMILE, ICL ,IPCL), and the best suitable options for you.
  • Discuss the preoperative,intraoperative & post operative care & instructions of the procedure.Do ask all your queries.
  • Do not be in haste,take your time to think it over. Eye surgeries are safe throughout the year, there is no season.
  • Follow your doctors advice & judgement. You will have a wonderful experience & recovery!!