People always wonder what nutritionists eat to remain fit, healthy and manage their weight at the same time. Well today I would like to share a few secrets with you-

  1. Dietitians do not deprive themselves of any kind of foods. Its true! We believe portion size is the key to control weight. Enjoy all food but don't stuff yourself with too much of one thing. This helps in keeping your calorie intake in control.
  2. We make sure that every meal is a mix of lots of seasonal and regional varieties of veggies and fruits. This is helpful since seasonal produce is more nutritious and full of antioxidants as compared to the non-seasonal varieties. 
  3. Every nutritionist reads the labels on the back carefully while buying packaged foods. We especially take note of calories, fats and salt in a particular product. Although, truth be told, we usually try to avoid tinned and packaged products altogether.
  4. We start our meals with soups and salads before moving on to the main course. This helps in keeping the portions we eat in control. Fruits are our favourite desserts to end our meals with.
  5. We make healthier choices even while socialising. When with family and friends, we are mentally comparing the dishes on the menu based on ingredients and methods of preparing the dish. Roasted, sauteed and steamed foods are better than fried ones.
  6. Our days start and end with water. This helps in flushing out toxins out of our body. 
  7. We avoid distractions while eating. We make sure we really enjoy the food on our plates and at the same time, we make sure we are chewing it properly.
  8. While going out, most of us will carry our own home made snacks to munch on. They are usually a handful of nuts - easy to pack and perfect to munch on the go. We relish on popcorn without butter in the movie hall.
  9. We never skip breakfast - ever. For us, breakfast usually comprises of high fiber cereals like oats, with some high protein foods like sprouts or eggs. Fruit juices are never part of our meals. Dinner is the lightest meal of our day.(Contrary to popular belief, fruit juices are actually low in fiber, even the natural ones. Packaged juices have high sugar levels. Juices bought from vendors can be unhygienic and may cause stomach infections.)
  10. If given an option, we always pick high fiber foods (like daliya,) and avoid refined flour (like maida) like the plague.

These are some of our secrets, that are now yours too. These 10 tips are time tested, but don’t just take my word for it, try them and experience the benefits yourself!