Youth and staying young is like an aphrodisiac and one must always look at staying as young as possible this is possible with a few gentle tips: 

1. Exercise- Get off the couch and do a good workout every day.Studies have shown that adding exercise in your routine has overall effect too well being. Exercise Enhances the Oxygen Supply to the Cells making them refresh and so adds to your youth. According to Gary Small, MD, Director of UCLA center of ageing "Walking for just 10 minutes a day lowers your risk of Alzheimer's by 40 percent.” 

2. Consume more fat – This may sound absurd but adding a lot of Omega 3 fatty acid in your diet will help you stabilize your mood and fight aging. Omega 3 fatty acids and thus will fight signs of aging reduce inflammation in the body. 

3. Antioxidant rich foods – Drink Red Wine, Have Green Tea, Eat Fruits, Mushrooms, Grapes, Cheese, Walnuts, Spinach, Sweet Potatoes, Flax seeds. Antioxidants combine with the toxins and lead detoxification

 4. Do Yoga –Yoga and the postures one takes while doing it will keep your body subtle and add a glow to your face. Yoga derives its name from Yug or Union and is great for total well- being. It keeps your body young and mind active.

5. Take a Break- Take a break regularly from your monotonous routine and let your hair down. Studies have shown people who regularly take a vacation are more young and fun during Work comes with its stress and pressures both responsible to age you faster so always take a break and enjoy yourself with your favorite hobbies. 

6. Feel the love – Anybody who has ever fallen head over heels in love will tell you that passion makes you want to wake up in the morning with enthusiasm. Feeling the love all around will keep your mind like a child and helps in fighting aging , according to Mehmet Oz , MD , Vice Chairman of cardiovascular services  "Loving touches release hormones, including oxytocin, that reduce stress and anxiety." 

7. Think Young, surround yourself with loving and supporting people.

8. Avoid smoking.

9. Take Proper Right Diet.

10. Drink lots of water.