You can prevent back pain during pregnancy or reduce it by:

1) Wear a maternity belt 

2) For acute back pain (in the first 48 to 72 hours), apply a towel-wrapped ice pack for 15 minutes to ease swelling and slow pain signals.

3) Heat therapy: To promote healing after the acute phase, use heat to enhance circulation and lessen lingering aches

4) It is recommended that pregnant women wear comfortable, supportive, low-heeled shoes

5) Do not stand for long periods of time

6) Sitting with your bottom against the back of a chair and sitting up tall - put a small cushion at your lower back 

7) Tuck your hands under your bump for support while standing for long periods of time

8) Do not lift heavy objects - if you need to lift anything, bend your knees and keep your straight back

9) Stay active with gentle exercises and stretching

10) Strengthen your pelvic floor with doctor-recommended exercises