1. MYTH: Braces are painful and take two years or more for the desired result.
    FACT: After the adjustment period, like breaking in a new pair of shoes, braces are comfortable. Some may be worn for months, not years.

  2. MYTH: Braces are ugly, call attention to themselves and would be embarrassing in business settings.
    FACT: Today braces may be nearly invisible, made from clear plastic, or unseen, mounted on the back (lingual) side of the teeth.

  3. MYTH: Braces are for kids.
    FACT: One in five orthodontic patient is an adult.

  4. MYTH: I am too old for braces.
    FACT: No! Braces can improve a person's smile at any age, approx. 25% of orthodontic patients are adults.

  5. MYTH: Braces make it harder to keep your teeth clean.
    FACT: Braces are stain-resistant and easy to clean around. Hygienic solutions made specially for orthodontic patients are also widely available for optimum hygiene during treatment.

  6. MYTH: My braces will rust.
    FACT: Braces are made of rust free material.

  7. MYTH: Can I Play sports with braces
    FACT: Yes you can as long as there a proper protective gear for contact sports

  8. MYTH: Any dentist may join the Indian Orthodontic Society
    FACT: Only orthodontists may become members of the. Indian Orthodontic Society, so IOS certified orthodontist are best to get braces treatment done from.

  9. MYTH: My family dentist says he can straighten my teeth. 
    FACT: Orthodontists receive more formal education than dentists to specialize in straightening teeth. Like dentists, orthodontists graduate from dental school. Then, to be an orthodontist, it takes an additional two to three academic years of education in an accredited orthodontic residency program. Orthodontists are dentistry’s specialists in straightening teeth and aligning jaws to create optimal function and form. Orthodontists only practice orthodontics.

  10. MYTH: It is easy to transfer or switch orthodontists
    FACT: Each orthodontist has his or her own technique in treating each case. For example, in creating that beautiful smile, some orthodontists may focus on correcting a bite problem first, while other orthodontists may focus on straightening the teeth first. Sorting out the finances is another difficult part of switching orthodontists.