Intimacy in marriage or relationship is a process that takes a great deal of time, effort and hard work. Once achieved, it also takes a great deal of effort to maintain. Couples must constantly search for ways to nurture their intimate relationships or marriage. Although it may be easy to fall in love, it is very difficult to stay in love. Achieving and maintaining intimacy is a challenge worth pursuing. 

Following are the 10 important things for healthy intimate relationship or marriage:

  • Personality traits:

Comfortable with the partner’s personality traits are important for a healthy relationship/ marriage. The more we like and accept the personality traits of our partner, the more satisfying the relationship/ marriage.

  • Communication:

Open communication is an essential component for healthy intimate relationship/marriage. Some are comfortable talking about feelings, especially about relationship/marriage and for someone sharing the most common or mundane thoughts or feelings are very difficult. Communication skills can be learned.

  • Conflict Resolution:

Some partners are more open than others in recognizing and resolving issues where other believes that better simply not to talk about problems and to hope that problems will somehow disappear. Couples do well who resolve conflict rather than avoid issues.

  • Financial Management:

For developing and maintaining a healthy intimate relationship or marriage, partners should be in close accord on how to earn and spend it. Some partners are spenders and others are a saver. Issues regarding money matters are important to be resolved.

  • Leisure Activities:

There is a potential for conflict in relationship or marriage having different ways of spending leisure time together. The Couple should work out with a mutual consent on leisure activities. It enhances leisure activities.

  • Sexual Relations:

The couples having good sexual life are able to express more freely and openly in the relationship while respect each other’s needs and desires.

  • Children and Parenting:

Couples must decide when to have children and how many. They must agree on discipline techniques and how to prioritize children, marriage and career.

  • Social Circle:

Gregarious is the quality of human being. It is saying a man is a social animal. Changes in relationships with immediate families, relatives and friends should handle carefully. A good support system in the form of family and friends can be a good resource to a couple.

  • Division of Roles:

Whether it would be a clear-cut division of roles and tasks? What works best for a couple? Whether it is on equality basis or on a division of roles that follows the more male-female definitions? The couple needs to mutually agree on many issues.

  • Religious Orientation:

Couples should consensus on spiritual values that forms a strong bond between them. Strong religious and spiritual values are important family strengths.