1. Cerebral refers to conditions affecting Movement, Posture, Speech and Appearance

2. Cerebral Palsy is not Hereditary (Not Genetic), it is caused by Damage to Brain

3. People with cerebral palsy is same as anybody else, they have the same wishes and goals in their life as we all do.

4. Signs of Cerebral Palsy:

  • Feeding difficulty
  • Coordination problem    
  • Increased or decreased muscle tone
  • Delayed milestone

5. Many people with cerebral palsy have the potential to participate everyday life like:

  •  Business, work
  •  Schooling
  •  Marriage
  •  Childbearing, etc

6. Cerebral palsy may affect

  • All four limbs (Quadriplegia – Face may also be affected)
  • All four limbs but lower limb more affected than  upper limb(Diplegia)
  • Lower limb only affected (Paraplegia)
  • One side affected (Hemiplegia)

7. With proper and early intervention it is possible to delay or prevent any deformity. And improve quality of life. Current technologies offer various advanced equipment to manage speech problem and help them communicate.

8. Types of Cerebral Palsy

  • Spastic – Increase Tone in the muscle
  • Athetoid – Uncontrolled involuntary movement in limbs
  • Ataxic – lack of balance and coordination
  • Mixed type – Combination of all

9. Neurodevelopmental Therapy gives the best result when given regularly

10. Government of India provides excellent support to People with cerebral palsy, in terms of Education, Financial support, Free Travel pass for the person and their attendee, Employment support, Vocational training  etc, One can contact local Municipality office/or NIEPMD (niepmd.tn.nic.in)