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Here are a few easy tips to help you in losing weight in winters:

1. Commit to a promise.

2. Work out a plan: writing down your plan of weight and diet will help you achieve your target.

3. Add to your food grains: like barley, oats, bajra, jowar are good for weight loss. 

4. Sprout it up: moong, moth chana, etc. as these are a great source of vitamins and minerals and also have low glycemic index.

5. Vegetable rule: in this season one can live on vegetables in different forms like soups,sautéed, stuffed in chapatis and also as vegetable juice.

6. Fruits: Go for pomegranate, guava, apples, papaya and pineapple.

7. Drink hot water: Drinking hot water is an easy way to detoxify the system.

8. Exercise: winter is the best time to work up a healthy sweat without collapsing with exhaustion. Also getting Vitamin D, jogging, running, walking, playing a sport, etc. are all enjoyable in this season.

9. Get a massage: Body massages with til or olive oil are good for muscles and tissues.They help to move lymphatic fluid effect and also get the circulation going. Thus improving the skin tone. 

10. Soups: soups provide low-calorie satiating meals. Use veggies like spinach, onion, tomato, lauki, potato, boiled corn, peas. Spice your soups with white pepper, mild red chillies, etc.

At last, the key to Health is, ”moderation in everything".