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Arya Aushadhi Pharma Mumbai Pvt Ltd

Arya Aushadhi Pharma Mumbai Pvt Ltd

Arya Aushadhi Pharma Mumbai Pvt Ltd

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Multi-speciality Clinic

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Borivali, Mumbai

#1 ,Sane Residency ,Ram Mandir Road, Babhainaka,., Mumbai

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Panchakarma is a sanskrit word. Pancha means five and karma means treatment methods.Five karmas are Vaman, Virechan,Nasya,Basti, Raktamokshan. These treatments help healthy person as preventive treatment to keep physically and mentally fit and unhealthy person to get rid from many chronic diseases. this therapy balances all tri doshas i.e. vata, pitta,kapha. Panchakarma is done for cleansing your body impurities,bringing balance in system and improving function. Panchakarma basically devided in three steps. 1. Pre- operative 2.Operative 3.Post-operative 1.Pre-operative : This procedure aims at seperating the doshas and the other body elements and also to bring back the doshas to these original site in the alimentary canal, so that they can be expelled out easily from the body.There are two procedures requirred to be performed as pre -operatives i.e. snehan and swedan. Snehan : It is lubrication of the body mainly with the use of oil or ghee. Swedan : Fomentation especially in the form of a steam bath to produce sweating. Sometimes these snehana and swedana can also be used independently as a treatment for vata diseases. 2.Operative : Five karmas comes under this. They are as followsVaman: Vaman means vomitting. It is done for kapha doshas.Pre- operative stage : Preparation of body for forthcoming vaman. Intake of ghee ( said doses 3 to 7 days ),following by snehan and swedan.Operative : After internal oleation , you are made to drink aushadhi kwatha and alllowed to vomit for one day only.Post operative stage : To follow said diet chart for atleast seven days called " samsarjana krama ". Vaman done for all kapha disorders, chronic acidity,allergic infections,skin diseases etc. Virechan: Virechan is done for pitta dosha. It means pugation. Pre operative stage : Preparation of the body for forthcoming virechan. Intake of ghee (said doses 3 to 7 days 0,following by snehan and swedan.Operative : you are made to take medicine which will induce purgation nearly 20 to 30 times .Post operative stage :To follow said diet chart for atleast 7 days called samjarna krama . Virechan is done in pitta disorers,chronic acidity,chronic infections,joint pains, constipation etc.3.Basti: IT is like enema treatment in ayurveda,but it contains oils and decoctions alternatively. It is course of 8/16/30 days. Basti can be of milk, oil or decoctions. It is useful to treat the diseases related to vata, arthritis,jointpain,bowel disorders,skin infections,menstrual problem,all type of diseases,weight reduction,weight gain,hair loss. At least 8 sittings should be taken continuously.4. Nasya: Nasya is a treatment consisting of nasal drops. This can be oil, ghee, milk,decoction or powders too.Nasya is given for all types of ear,throat,nose disorders. A short massage precedes and follows nasya treatment. Indicated in chronic allergies, arthritis,spondylosis, Ear, Nose, and Throat disorders.5. Raktamokshan : Raktamokshan means blood letting.Impurities of blood are treated with blood letting. Leaches are applied over the affected area which sucks the impure blood only, thus helping the lesion to heal faster. All types of pitta and skin disorders can be treated by raktamokshan. This is to be done once a week. Also this treatment is done in the manner to draw 100cc maximum blood from major veins is called Siravedh. Duration: Leach therapy 2 hours and Siravedh 30 minutes.Other treatments :Sarvanga Abhyangam: Whole body ayurvedic massage by medicated oil with accupressure points followed by aushadhi steam. It helps to give better muscular tone, blood circulation, and luster to skin. Good for all vata vyadhi, stress, skin diseases.(Duration; 30 minutes)Padaabhyangam: It is foot massage, done from knee joint to foot by metal bowl(kansya). Medicated oil ,ghee,herbal cream is used accordingly. It helps to reduce shaft muscle pain, heel joint pain, cracking heels, good for eyes, stress reliever.(Duration;30 minutes)Netra tarpan: It is done with medicated ghee, decoction, sneha by applying on eyes, very soothing for eyes, relieves computer eye syndrome,redness of eyes, improves vision.(Duration:15 to 20 minutes)Shirodhara: Warm ayurvedic oil, milk,takra,decoction poured continuously on forehead at particular point. Its stress relieving, relaxing therapy used for hair loss, psychological problem and hypertension, disease due to mental and physical stress.(Duration: 40 minutes)Shiroabhyangam; It is head massage done with warm oil followed by aushadhi steam with accupressure points. Relaxation therapy used in hair loss,mental stress and headache.(Duration: 30 minutes) Pinda sweda: A bowl of navra rice cooked with milk and aushadhi is made in to fist sized bundle called kizi which is used for fomentation after the application of warm oil over the body to induce sweat. It helps streangthening muscles, neurological disorders,rheumatism,arthritis,malformation of limbs. (Duration:60 minutes)Udvartanam: Massage with dry churnas followed by aushadhi steam,good for weight reduction, reduces excess fat, impove circulaton, complexion of skin.(Duration:60 minutes)Mukh Lepam: It is herbal/ fruit facial, improves colour, complexion of kin by using herbal wash, herbal cream, herbal face pack. It is effective in detoxifying and rejuvenating the skin. Improve the flow of nutrients to the skin surface.(Duration: 45 minutes)Hrid Basti: In this process medicated oil, ghee,kashay kept over Hrid(Heart) region for specific time in specific way. It improves coronary circulation, strengthen heart muscle, increases capacity of heart.(Duration: 30 minutes)Kati Basti: Warm medicated oil kept over lumbar or sacral (back) region for specific time. It is used in controlling waist and lower back pain,lumbar spondylosis.(Duration:30 minutes)Janu Basti: In this process, warm oil kept over both knee joints for specific time. Useful in painful conditions of knee joints , osteoarthritis of knees,Rrheumatoid arthritis. (Duration: 30 minutes)Manya Basti: Medicated warm oil applied over cervical region or posterior side of neck. It is useful in cervical spondylosis,neck and upper back pain.(Duration:30 minutes)


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