Pilonidal sinus is chronic inflammation of the anal cleft area resulting in abscess formation .

The chronic phase is characterised by intermittently discharging sinuses. Malignant transformation is 

rarely seen in about 0.1% cases. 

This condition is  more common in men and more in drivers  hence called' zeep drivers bottom.' The two main reasons for this are constant friction and in growth of hairs .

Surgical excision of the sinus tract is the treatment of choice. Post surgery laser hair removal of the anal cleft and nape of neck is recommended by many authors. 

At ojas aesthetic for the past one year we have extensively researched the benefits of this procedure. 

We had done laser hair removal every 6 to 8 weeks surgical wound is healed. Both SHR and cooled and yad were used.

Both the methods yielded  good results though SHR was more acceptable to the patient and less painful. 9 out of the 10 clients. Number of treatments vary for person to person, usually 8 to 10 sittings are needed.  

Patients reported good results both in terms of reduced hair growth and density.simple shaving did not give good results. It was also more cumbersome to shave repeatedly. Apart from the cosmetic indication this is a valuable indication.