1. Know your skin-Just like you recognize your body signs of  hunger,thirst or disease ,look at your skin.Is it dry ,crinkly and parched?Is it dull and dark?Is it rough on touch? Not only face,look at your hand's arms and feet too. Of course, most of  you already know your skin types like oily/dry or combination.
  2. Take care everyday-Use right products.use a sunscreen of >30 SPF ,20 minutes prior to exposure.Use a mild face wash and a nourishing night cream. for the body,choose a hydrating body wash and lotion.
  3. Eat right-eat fruits and vegetables apart from a balanced meal of carbs, protein, and fats. Avoid crash diet. Avoid sugars. Eat walnuts,sunflower seeds,drink lots of fluids.
  4. Don't ignore skin diseases like acne, rash, hair loss etc. Consult a dermatologist. It;s better to start early than to regret later.
  5. Be happy-meditate,watch a happy movie,go out with friends.take time for your happiness.A happy skin is a healthy skin.
  6. Exercise- just 30 mins every day and your skin will freshen up.
  7. Ask for treatments-better to go a skin specialist rather than a beauty parlour.A dermatologist is better educated and equipped to give you desired results