How is Tinea caused?

It is caused because of entry fungal elements inside the skin either via environmental trauma or from person to person.

When is it caused?

It is generally seen in all seasons but summer season is peak season when you suffer from fungal infection due to hot and humid climate.

Who is more prone to it?

Anybody from a newborn child to and old person beyond 80’s also can suffer from fungal infection. It is more common in people who have diabetes and can involve larger areas of body.

Which body part is most commonly affected?

It can occur anywhere on the body from head to toe

What does it look like?

Most commonly it looks like a round patch with red, brown or black coloured borders with peeling of skin at border. Other type of fungal infection may look like white coloured or dark brown coloured bindi like patches spreading over back, chest and elsewhere on body.

Rare type of fungal infection may also cause sinuses and pus discharge from the foot most commonly seen in farmers. It is associated with intense itching.

Can it be treated?

Yes, of course it can be treated with tablets and creams to apply.

How much time does it take for Tinea to be cured?

Depending upon the extent of involvement it may take 15 days to one month for full cure

What precautions should you take to avoid getting a fungal infection?

Always maintain hygiene. Take bath daily, wear clean clothes, & try to stay in clean environment. In hot and humid environment try to wear thin, loose cotton clothes and take cold shower daily. Control of diabetes is must. Consult doctor before it spreads to larger areas of body

Why is it necessary to consult a skin specialist?

Because it is a communicable disease and can spread by touching, using infected towels and clothes and may spread to larger area of body, after which treatment becomes difficult.