Often people think if we eat at home instead of outside food, it will help us in losing weight at a faster rate. But that does not always work. 

We should also know the right choice of foods and what to pick for maintaining/reducing weight. And it doesn't matter from where that food comes.

As a Nutritionist, here are few tips which will help you in losing weight:

  1.  Avoid Sugar and Sugar made products - Don't keep chocolates, sweets, pastries, muffins, cakes, cookies and any sweet sauces. In Cornell University, researchers found that employees ate nine chocolates when a jar of chocolates was kept on desk and when it was moved away they ate only four.
  2. Keep snacks out of reach - If you keep fried snacks far from your reach , when you try to find them, you ask yourself 'Do I really need this?' You may give up on the idea altogether after that.
  3. Prefer Greens Always  keep green, yellow, orange, and red colour vegetables stocked in your fridge
  4. Keep a weighing scale in your Kitchen - It will make you habitual of measuring food items before consuming. This will help you in knowing the metrics of katori(Bowls ) , spoon, serving spoon, Tablespoon and glasses
  5. Drink water while cooking- While cooking, heat is produced in your body due to the flame. This dehydrates your body and you feel lethargic. Keep sipping water so that you will increase water intake & also eat less than before.
  6. Keep different chutneys for flavor instead of mayonnaise, cheese (except cottage cheese).