“I should have brought my kid years back to rehabilitation”

– A parent of 8 year old diagnosed to have Autism Spectrum Disorders

These kinds of statements have been common across middle aged parents. They are sending a strong message to present young parents and their parents to act at the earliest.

If you are wondering what we are talking here, it is something which you would find interesting and useful.

A growing child in his/her early years of 2-6 develops most of the skills necessary like a foundation to the building. The child’s brain at that age is most plastic, which means it is adaptable to environment and the most modifiable. With this characteristics brain wires itself into networks for developing learning skills. These skills are basic for speech, language, communication, cognition, and motor skills.

For a better understanding, with a background of crucial development at early years, let us look at what every parents want from a child. Let us make a flow chart to understand the ingredients of fulfilling those expectations:

"A successful Life” at the end

“A successful Marriage” at 28 years

For which I need to have “A earning Job” at 23 years

For which I need to have “A competitive Qualification” Matriculation, +2,  Diploma, Degree

For which I need to get “Education”

For which I need to Attend “A School” for 12+ years

For which I need to get “Admission in a School” at ~ 5 years

For which I need to “develop some skills”

These are the expectations from a child at various level for which the ground work happens only at a very young age of 2-6 years.

A child at a very young age may have developmental delay for many reasons which may be health related or environmental related factors. And this delay may be significant in one or more of the following: Motor skills, Language Skills, Speech Skills, Reading and Writing, Cognition and Behavioral skills.

Most parents may not be solely responsible for this. A family of self proclaimed healers and advisers may influence the decision of the already confused parents. Some believe the elders in the family knows better by their experience, but they fail to understand that the world then and the world now are a largely non-comparable in terms of parenting. Discussions with the family members are important but before decisions are taken, one needs to consult a professional to make sure it is the ‘right one‘ not just for the parent but also for the child.  Do not delay to take a step even if you get to hear there is no problem with the kid. Clear your doubts with the Health Care Professionals.

Finally, one should understand that a doctor consults another doctor when his family needs medical attention, not because he can not treat but the treatment should go unbiased.