Exams are approaching, both parents and students are undergo a lot of pressure and anxiety during this phase 

Food can come very handy to not just beat exam stress, but even to score well

Try these few tips-

  1. Always start your child's day with a fruit. This helps in improving your child's concentration
  2. Always give them BREAKFAST. Never skip this meal. Ensure to give your child homemade breakfast like poha, daliya, upma, parantha,  idli, omelette  etc. This will keep your child alert and productive all through the day.
  3. Pack easy handy snacks in their bag when they step out for classes. Like - peanuts, makhane, roasted chana, sprouts, fruits, ladoos, chikki and dried fruits & nuts. This way they can easily snack between lectures, without wasting too much time. These will ensure that the brain gets adequate and constant supply of glucose, which can help your child study better and remember better
  4. Ensure that you give your child a yum and a satisfying snack in the evening like - mixed vegetable paratha, eggs, poha, chilla, etc - this gives them a good energy boost in the second half of the day
  5. For dinners make sure you give your child Rice - it could be in the form of khichdi, curd-rice or dal-rice-ghee, roasted or grilled chicken with vegetables and rice. Rice has an enzyme called inositol which has anxiety reducing properties.
  6. Late Night Snacking Options - When staying up late night to study give your child - a paratha or a grilled sandwich or roti with gur and ghee or fruit milkshake or an omelette with a toast
  7. Avoid chips, biscuits, processed packed products - as these hamper and reduce your child's concentration level
  8. No Gadgets an Hour before Bedtime - TV, mobile phones, laptops, tablets, ipads - these reduce the quality of sleep and hence impact recovery.
  9. At Bedtime - give your child a small cup of milk (if he/she likes it) or you can give them some dried fruits and nuts. These help them sleep better and hence they wake up fresh
  10. Make sure they go out and get some air and exercise 20-30 minutes for about 5 days a week

Give these a try and see how it helps you perform well.

Good luck for exams! :)