Yellow ‪#‎teeth‬ usually represent a normal variation in ‪#‎tooth‬ shade, and are generally of no medical consequence. Teeth naturally darken and yellow as they age, because the dentin layer under the enamel shell continues to develop and thicken over the course of the patient's lifetime. Dentin formation accelerates in response to stresses placed on the teeth, as may occur when the patient chronically grinds their teeth ( ‪#‎bruxism‬). This can also produce ‪#‎yellowing‬. In some cases, poor oral hygiene leads to plaque accumulation and extrinsic stains on the teeth, which may appear yellow in color.
Teeth Whitening / Teeth ‪#‎Bleaching‬ the teeth to make them lighter has become routine as people seek to re-establish a more youthful appearance. ‪#‎Ceramic‬ Veneer/ ‪#‎Laminates‬ / ‪#‎Componeer‬ is recommended / treatment of choice in unethestic and ‪#‎cosmetic‬ unacceptable cases