Y Chromosome Micro deletion Test. 

If a man is suffering from Azoospermia (No sperms found in the Semen), and he wants to become biological father of his baby, first thing we need to know is the cause.

It may be obstruction in the sperm conducting tract or may be inability of testicles to produce the sperms (Non Obstructive Azoospermia- NOA).

In NOA, if the man wants to father his own baby, the only way remaining is Collection of Sperms from the testicles by needle (TESA) or small cut (TESE). And it involves special type of IVF, called ICSI.

But before that we need to predict there is good chance of getting high-quality sperms from the testes. Although, testicular size (assessed by the doctor or during ultrasound) and Serum FSH level (a blood test) can give some information, there is limitation of these two. Moreover, if the man is having NOA because of some genetic defects, the same can be transmitted to the next generation. For that we need 2 special blood tests.

1. Karyotype.

2. Y Chromosome Micro Deletion.

If the latter is normal or shows only mild defect (Defect in AZF c), then TESA can be tried. However, if there is severe defect (AZF a or AZF b), usually there is little chance of getting healthy sperms. So the man can think about Donor Sperms in that case.

So, although costly, these 2 tests give valuable information in NOA before proceeding for TESA.

Attached here is Y Chromosome Micro Deletion Report of a man with NOA.

Taken with kind permission from the patient.