Do Not Drink and Drive- Is written on most of the heavy vehicles as a lesson to driver or the passer by ?

Doctors recommend alcohol for heart patients - True or False. It depends upon the school of thought the person belongs to and the study one believes in- one study says yes another study says No.Make up your mind and remember that excess of everything is Bad.

Do not leave Food in plate , have a helping enough to eat , not to splurge.

More than half of food produced by hard working farmer is wasted due to transportation, left overs, greed of traders , hoarding of onions and tomatoes leading to rot vegetables in places where they are stored to be sold at a higher price.

 Fasting is bad for health,so is feasting.

Recently a 13 years old girl died due to fasting for more than 50 days. The matter is religious in nature but people are annoyed.

Girls are taught to show delicacy while eating , leaving few morsels as left overs. If they do so in Germany , they would be fined for wasting food.

Know your self and eat accordingly.

Eat according to Constitution,Job profile & Must be familiar with own metabolism.

About Road safety , police fines for Not Wearing a Helmet or not with a seat belt.

Why ?

It is our life and it is for our safety.

Many SUVs are having seat belts for persons on the back seat but very few are aware about it.

If there are 3 seats , the cars do have a Belt for person sitting in the middle , besides for each one on either side.

Trauma and impact can be as bad for every one in the car.

Never let the babies ride along with mother clinging along with her while she is driving. 

It invites heavy fines in USA but women do not care about safety of kid 

Eat Fresh foods , locally grown with minimum time spent on transportation.

Save Food for the sake of hard working farmer, for the sake of own heart & Do Not Drink & Drive.

Help Police without Fines being Imposed on us for our own safety.

Be an enlightened citizen & remain cool on heavy roads with road blocks and traffic jams.

Road rage is due to Attitudes & Us & Roads + lots of vehicles on roads are Not due to us

Take care.