Periodontal disease can affect your general health like;

  1. Uncontrolled diabetes- chronic periodontal disease can disrupt diabetes control. Diabetes can alter the pocket environment, contributing the bacterial overgrowth.
    -smokers with diabetes increase their risk of tooth loss by 25 times.
    -people with type 2 diabetes are 3 times likely to develop periodontal disease then non-diabetics.
  2. Preterm or low birthweight babies- women with advanced gum disease may be more likely to give birth to an underweight or preterm baby.
    -Oral microbes can cross the placental barrier,exposing the foetus to infections
  3. Heart disease- Those with adults periodontitis may have increase risk of fatal heart attack, and more likely to be diagnosed with cardiovascular disease.
    Bacteria from mouth may cause clotting problem in cardiovascular system.
  4. Stroke- Those with adults periodontitis may have increased risk of stroke.
  5. Respiratory infections- Inhaling bacteria from mouth and throat can lead to pneumonia. Dental plaque build up create a dangerous source of bacteria that can be inhaled into  the lungs.
  6. Severe osteopenia- Reduction in bone mass (osteopenia) is associated with gum disease and related tooth loss.
    -Severity has been connected to tooth loss in postmenopausal women