" I have been practicing dentistry from almost 12 years. One of the most common problem that i have came across is the eruption of 3rd molar or WISDOM TOOTH. The patients i have seen always have a dilemma in the mind whether to get it extracted or not. So in this particular article will be discussing that on a personal experience."

As evolution has taken place the tail that our early ancestors use to have also disappeared in humans. that organ is of no use at present and is present in our body as a vestigial organ ( organ that was once useful to a person but now has on the verge of disappearance but is present in human body ). So is the status of 3rd molar now a days. As evolution is taking place there is reduced jaw size that can be seen.

early humans use of to have 4 molars but now it has reduced to 3 only. During my post graduation days I was having a seminar on evolution that time i came across a article in which there was a discussion about a australian species noted way back in 1928 who use to have four molar teeth and have well developed facial and accessory masticatory muscles. But because of reduced hard food intake and more transformation towards junk food the diet is limited to soft food only. So 4th molar had disappeared slowly and so is going to happen with 3rd molar.

Now the question arises whether to extract it or not!!!!

Well in most of the cases it is usually impacted fully or partially. It need to be taken out. As it is having no use in mastication because of its tilted position there is no harm in taking it out. If it is kept then it has been observed frequently that it leads to a area of food lodgement where site of infection builds up and leads to decay of 2nd molar. Every decision is based on the benefits and disadvantages of a particular treatment plan. well in case of third molar I think better to extract.