Winter cold wreaks havoc on our lips but also triggers teeth sensitivity and other oral health issues. Keep your smile healthy and beautiful this winter with tips from Smiles Unlimited. 

1. Mouth Sores: Mouth Sores can be caused by virus, illness or “nothing at all”!!

  • Canker sores: are white sores or inside the mouth which are not contagious but can flare up due to harsh elements and overindulgence of acidic foods. We recommend swishing a mixture of one teaspoon salt in half a cup of water several times a day to help clean sores.
  • Cold Sores: are often located on the lips and highly contagious. Flare up may happen due to exposure to the harsh sun. Use a sunscreen and lip balm regularly.

2. Sensitivity: Winter can aggravate the sensitivity as the cold air may irritate the teeth further especially for those with sensitive teeth. To combat extra sensitivity use soft toothbrush desensitizing toothpaste and floss regularly. 

3. Hydration: Hydration is very important for oral health. Regularly drinking water rinses your mouth and keeps it moist. It reduces the feeling of dry mouth. 

4. Keep Warm: Drastic temperature changes can cause your teeth to expand and contract which may lead to hairline fractures on the surface. When you can’t limit your time in cold weather and there isn’t any option trap heat near your face with a scarf or mask. 

Smiley Winters!