The real culprit

Studies have shown that your total daily intake of salt should not be more than 6g. To reduce your salt intake you can give up or minimize consuming things like soda, french fries, and even try to substitute salt with balsamic vinegar.

But what you should really be worried about is the hidden salt in your daily foods.

Everything in its limit

Even though sodium is an essential nutrient that helps your nerves and muscles to work properly, an excess of it in your system causes your body to retain water. This in turn puts pressure on your heart and blood vessels leading to high blood pressure and several other health problems.

Tons and tins of salt

When you go grocery shopping, your first instinct is to pick up that can of fish, or maybe that tin of tomatoes. What you don't realize is, 20% of that tin is actually salt. And not the good kind of salt, mind you. It's the kind of salt that remains hidden, and usually rears its ugly head when it's already too late.

Befriending the label

Don't rely on your instinct when picking up products off the shelf at the store. Pay attention to those little nutrition label on the back, that you've been ignoring all this while. You should keep an eye out for hidden salt and pick up low sodium options instead. You'll be surprised by how many unlikely products contain a high amount of salt!

So the next time you're at the go- whether it's shopping, or at a party with a spread of salty foods, you must think twice. Sometimes, that small pinch of salt might just be a pinch too much for your body's health!

I'd say it's a pretty good time to break up with Salt.