Pregnancy is a beautiful experience. The miracle of life is in the process and despite all the beauty and philosophy that surrounds the event, it can be a rather stressful period ( physically and emotionally) for the mother. 

It has been found that bleeding gums, metallic taste, bad breath and swollen gums are found in almost 100% of all pregnant ladies. This spectrum of symptoms is also known as - Pregnancy gingivitis. 

Here are some of the precautions one can take to have a better experience: 

1) Visit your dentist every 3 months while planning a pregnancy.

2) Get your wisdom teeth fixed or removed so that their removal isn't needed while you are pregnancy ( frankly you don't want to have a surgery while being pregnant if you can avoid it) 

3) Get into the habit of brushing in front of the mirror rather than in front of the TV. That way you are more likely to do a better job at it. Plaque ( whitish deposits) on your teeth are the causative factors all dental infections - remove it well and all will be will. 

4) Warm saline rinses and a soft brush are highly effective in reducing the bacterial load in the mouth. Though there are many types of mouthwash in the market, Warm salt water is equally effective, without any of the side-effects. 

5) Consult your OBG doctor before getting any dental work done or before taking any medications. 

6) Always ask your dentist to use DIGITAL x-rays and a LEAD APRON / RADIATION barrier, especially if you are already pregnant. 

7) The second trimester is generally considered the best ( safest) interval during which dental work can be carried out.