Here are 6 reasons why you should have a breakfast:

1. WAKE UP, BODY! With no food and water intake during sleep, your body’s decreased activity also causes blood sugar level to drop. When you wake in the morning, it is the low blood sugar level that affects your energy levels. Get out of hibernation mode with a hearty breakfast. Eating early will keep your insulin and blood sugar levels regulated.

2. Setting the rhythm for the day. Eating breakfast is the first thing you should do to kick-start your metabolism. Metabolism is the speed of your body turning the food you consume into fuel, and this takes place throughout the day.

3. Are you smarter than a non-breakfast eater? 

4. Glucose is an essential carbohydrate that promotes brain function. A hungry kid does not learn.

5. Goodbye, binge eating.

6. Breakfast helps you stay fit.