Why should I brush my teeth? This question asked by almost every child everyday, sometimes adults also ask the same!


We have born as natural as all the animals. Do we see the animals brushing their teeth everyday. Why?

In this era of busy schedules, meetings, parties and fast food. We all end up in similar way when it comes to food habits; fast food era.

The food we eat is cooked, this is the basic difference. The oil makes the food sticky and tasty. It acquires a taste that everybody likes. However, once the food is in our mouths, the food debris gets locked in between teeth. If properly brushed everyday the food is removed from the gaps. The whole idea of using tooth paste and tooth brush is to remove the sticky element of food.

The more fibrous food we eat, the less sticky element in diet. 

The following are some of the good habits: 

  • Use a soft brush always
  • Brush for short duration 2 to 3 minutes
  • Use gentle tooth paste ( Avoid unnecessary medicated pastes)
  • Brush two times a day
  • Technique: Vertical strokes or circular motion is preferred
  • Be gentle on the gums
  • Observe the clean teeth after brushing


  • If any blood stains in sink, think of routine check up with your dental surgeon
  • If any food stuff still remains, even after brushing, think again? Why?

Either the technique is not good or some other issue to be sorted out.

Be happy to brush your teeth, your smile spreads happiness.

Keep smiling!