When you try to lose weight, the first thing you do, is watch your diet by eating low fat and fat free foods.

Maybe try some of the fad diets like the GM diet (Indian Version), Atkins Diet, Raw Banana Diet or the Lemon Detox Diet, or just a plain crash diet. In the first couple of weeks, you see some weight loss, but in just 2 months, you gain the weight back.

Firstly, all fad diets are extremely unhealthy. Then, everyone’s body has a different chemistry. Due to this, a generic diet plan besides having possible side effects will not result in effective weight loss. Also, many diet plans are not made for Indian diets or vegetarian diets, so many of the diet components either are not allowed in your diet, or are not available in India.

When you decide to try a diet by yourself, you are literally making yourself a guinea pig, since you don’t know if it will work for you. Creating a diet plan is very time consuming. To implement it, is even harder. With the lack of understanding of diets, your body chemistry and lack of experience in creating effective diets, before you start, you’ve already shot your chances of losing weight on the diet.Often self made diet plans are very unrealistic, so they are great to make, hard to implement and even harder to follow.

Besides, many self made diet plans have unbalanced nutrition and thus unhealthy.