Isn't this the first question which comes to your mind when your child's Dentist wants to save his/her milk teeth??

Here Are 5 Reasons Why We Need To Save Milk teeth

1. Help In Chewing Food: Digestion of food starts from the mouth. The teeth help in chewing the food and breaking it down into smaller pieces, so that it can be easily digested. Well digested food is absorbed better and this absorbed food provides the necessary nutrition for the growth, development and maintenance of our child's body. 

2. Forerunners for permanent teeth: The milk teeth act as guides or forerunners for the permanent teeth. The erupting permanent teeth grow into the mouth by putting pressure and resorbing the roots of the milk teeth so as to reach a definitive position in the mouth.

3. Maintain space for Permanent teeth: It is important to retain the milk teeth as they are holding the place for their successor permanent tooth. In cases where the milk tooth is lost early, the milk teeth next to empty space encroach on this space, leading to crowding or displacement  of successor tooth.

4. Stimulus for growth: When the milk teeth are in action or chewing food, they give stimulus through the neurotransmitters for the healthy growth of the upper and lower jaws.

5. Psychological effect: Carious teeth and missing teeth both are unaesthetic and don't look good. These can lead to other children teasing or even self-esteem issues. Any such challenge for the child can cause long term implications on the child's mental health. 

Milk teeth are precious. Do not wait for pain to visit your Dentist!! 

Once your child has teeth in the mouth, book an appointment with your Tooth Doc!!