The simple and natural act of parenting is in the limelight more than it ever was. What’s the reason? It’s the same old cycle of giving birth and raising up your kids, so why does Parenting seem to be such a difficult job now? There are a few reasons which might answer this:

The first thing or say major change we notice in our society is the families going nuclear. Moreover, when both parents are working, it gets all the more difficult. In earlier times, kids were not only raised by parents but the entire family of uncles, aunts, and grandparents.

The child learnt and played with kids of his/her age and cousins from different age groups. This makes a huge transition we often avoid. Dr Neha Bansal, an expert child consultant, emphasises the need to spend more time with the children.

According to her, if the communication is maintained well, there should be lesser problems. An isolated child is more prone to physical illnesses as well, apart from emotional.

And then, the digital world. Children have now so many sources to learn and adopt things from. It is no more within the parameters of the family, which was pretty much easier to scrutinise. The internet is full of things, good and bad, and it’s difficult to check up on them every time as they learn to hide surfed data at very early age.

The contemporary generation is more competitive adding to the pressure parents go through. In terms of studies, co-curricular activities, and social achievement, we are constantly racing with the child.

Dr Neha identifies a problem here. There is no need to push your child to be best in everything. This eventually leads to an emotional and physical breakdown of your child. Keep it moderate and understand their capabilities and needs.

Parenting seems to be a problem because we make it so. If handled with a little care (which is actually being a little bit carefree), it’s all right. Health is also an issue in the urban world, but with right consultation, it can be managed easily too.

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