Growing up and getting comfortable with the way we look is always a process.Do you remember being the butt of jokes by mean kids and bullies about the silliest things be It your height,your weight,your gait to the shape of your nose or your crooked teeth They had to find one thing that you found odd about yourself and that's the one that would stay with you for life.In a shocking study that revealed the most popular or frequent trait that people picked on were crooked teeth in childhood, THE PROBLEM We grew up and lived with this facial deformity probably avoiding the terrible looking braces which were the only option to straighten teeth out back then. How could you be expected to worsen and already bad situation before it got better ? For some of us wearing braces would mean drawing, even more, attention to the flaw that we were trying to hide.


 Well, those days are over and you no longer need to live with a less than perfect smile. In a world where we can get everything fake from implants to extensions getting your natural teeth straightened is hardly even cosmetic considered more of a routine natural procedure to improve the longevity of your teeth in your jaws. 


The alignment of your teeth besides making them look better by reflecting light more evenly giving you an overall brighter more impactful smile also has numerous other benefits.Straight teeth relay forces to your jaw more evenly reducing any harmful pressure in the long term. Straighter teeth also meet more evenly and reduce any wear and tear between each other. They're self-cleansing as there are no more areas that lodge food thus preventing decay and gum disease. Straighter teeth improve your face profile by ensuring your lips and cheeks are in a position to best compliment the way you look without even using enhancing measures like Botox etc.


 While the result we want is aesthetic,we can hardly expect a less than a cosmetic way of getting there! Enter the world of invisible braces. Choosing from a variety of less than visible options of braces should be an informed and customised decision based on your starting position, the level of cooperation,duration of time and even your orthodontist's training.Here are some of the popular options.

Ceramic (tooth coloured) braces 

This option is using the camouflage principle where the braces are made to almost merge with the color of your teeth so they appear less visible.The more advanced variety you choose the more they blend with your teeth appearing visible only to someone in close proximity. Being fixed these work within a very quick timeframe exerting pressure where needed and require training similar to conventional braces so any orthodontist is qualified to work with them.

Lingual braces (behind your teeth) braces

 These are metal braces that go at the back of your teeth so that no one can see them except you can feel them. People who work in media or prefer not to highlight their correction opt for these and usually adjust very well to them except a few who find it inconvenient to speak and eat as the encroachment in the tongue space can take some getting used to. This option is also fixed and may take some additional time also needs more intensive training and even very good laboratory support.

Invisible (Removable plastic) braces 

This option seems to be catching on the most attention as the idea of wearing braces when u want and getting rid of them at a party or an important event is definitely appealing.There are multiple varieties in the market which even cost a lot but only a few certified ones bring you the results (but a word of caution) only if you wear them.High level of patient cooperation is solicited for these as they will not work unless worn for almost 20-22hours a day making them almost fixed.While these are entirely computer guided and generated, your orthodontist needs to be highly trained and certified to make these work. Since they come as ready trays in a sequence opting to visit your doctor only once every 2 months is also a popular option for people who travel excessively.

No matter the option you choose remember we promise beautiful braces to eventually get to beautiful teeth!