Junk food is a food that is calorie dense but nutritionally unbalanced and unhealthy. In recent years, the consumption of this food has increased drastically, especially in metro cities due to easy availability of its taste and socio-economic status.

SOS (sodium,oil,sugar): Junk food is high in sodium, oil, and sugar (SOS) and hence there are few complications that may lead to over consumption of these.

Junk food is "JUNK" because studies have shown its impact on:


Most of us are gaining weight because of fast food like burgers, pizzas, hot dogs, french fries and colas etc as they are full of calories, due to a high amount of oil and sugar present in them. Snack on whole fruit, wheat crackers as they contain lesser calories.


Our insulin levels are elevated if we eat refined flour or processed sugar, like the kind present in colas, fruit juices, pasta, noodles, bread etc. All of them are devoid of the fibre and nutrients which are essential for us to control blood glucose level.


A healthy diet keeps hormonal levels in check whereas junk food may make us more susceptible to mood and behavioural changes, especially in teenagers.


These may occur, leading to loss of energy. The concentration levels of the students may also reduce. This kind of food also results in malnutrition.


Since this type of food is laden with salt it may increase the risk of B.P and hence a stroke. If you have a weakness for potato chips, opt for low sodium homemade zucchini chips.


A diet rich in sugary sweet increases the risk of developing cavities. Eating junk food with high sugar content will lead to painful visits to the dentists.


Eating too much junk food might cause gastrointestinal problems. Junk food is highly processed and hence there is no fibre in it. If you don't get an adequate amount of fibre, you may suffer from constipation. Replace your  junk food treat with fibre-rich oatmeal, homemade multi-grain sandwiches. Some people may suffer from acidity as the oil is reused for some period and may lead to the chemical changes in the oil. Hence, leading to indigestion and acidity.  

Food is food, but if it doesn't have any nutritional value then it's junk and if it's junk then why to consume it? Give it a thought before queuing up with your kids at your favourite fast food outlet.