The ecosystem we are surviving in today is filled with complexities that define us and shape us in more ways than one. Among these complexities lies major trouble that people face on a day-to-day basis. The trouble called obesity has taken almost an entire generation in its clutches through various shapes and forms. And in this entire circle of subtleties, we are largely engrossed in finding out ways of shedding off the extra weight we keep on gaining somehow. This vicious cycle has made us fall into several amateur techniques that make it harder rather than easier for us to lose weight.

Researches conducted at several institutions of national and international eminence have confirmed that losing weight has become quite a difficult affair in modern times. This is largely because of our diverse living conditions that are not only toxic to some levels but also counterproductive in the long run. Other top reasons why losing weight these days is more difficult include:

The Food We Take

Each one of us has a super-strong connection with food. Speaking specifically, the bond is stronger with delicious food products. But the food we consume today is not pure or in its natural form as it used to be years ago.

According to a research article published in ScienceDirect, a number of industrial compounds as well as chemicals which are being mixed with food products, variably result in causing hormonal and metabolic disruptions. Any exposure to these chemical compounds in the form of food can prove out to be harmful in more ways than one.

Some of the basic examples of such products include snacks and canned foods. A healthy alternative to all these foods is the use of fruits and fresh vegetables as a part of our daily diet. The intake of these products not only ensures that you are successfully relying on a healthy diet but also makes your road to weight-loss quite easier.

Intestinal Routine

Each one of us is widely aware of the fact that our intestinal health is one of the major aspects of a healthy lifestyle. Probiotic-rich foods can seemingly help in maintaining the required level of wholesomeness and protect our body from unpleasant effects.

Speaking specifically about the dietary supplements, yogurts and kefirs can prove out to be important supplements that smoothly support intestinal health. The improper functioning of the intestines, on the other hand, can have harmful consequences and can adversely affect your health and weight-loss schedule.

Artificial Sweeteners

The sugar substitutes that provide a sweet taste and are produced synthetically are undoubtedly nowhere less in taste as compared to their natural counterparts. But they do come with some serious complications. They can cause a severe explosion in the blood sugar levels and confuse the body on multiple levels.

This also makes it fairly clear that the intake of these artificial sweeteners can adversely affect your weight-loss routine. Therefore, it is inherently important to stick to a routine that conveniently ignores the use of artificial sweeteners and includes more products containing natural sweeteners in them. Their taste may take some time to be appreciated but is definitely a conscious decision if you wish to make your life a healthier one.

The Sleeping Schedule

Not getting enough sleep is also one of the major reasons why weight-loss remains a nightmare for a majority of the population. Sleeping at least 8 hours a day ensures that your brain functions sharply and you are able to make quality decisions. Quality sleep helps us recover the energy we lost from physical activities and keeps our brain fresh and rejuvenated. You can easily check this fact out for yourself by making a deliberate sleeping routine and follow it religiously.


Surviving in today’s generation is quite a tedious task when you have to depend on medications in one way or the other. These medications help us in gaining effective insights into a healthy lifestyle but are also embedded with several harmful consequences. These alterations can indirectly prove out to be counterproductive and make your weight-loss routine fail miserably. And as the saying goes that prevention is better than cure, in the same manner, there are ways that can help you prevent subsequent side-effects. You need to consult your physician regarding the possible causes of side-effects and their effective cures.

We are fairly aware of the fact that a healthy body with a healthy mind is some of the most sought-after combinations to conquer everyday life. The entire process of losing weight and maintaining your personality in a happening manner is a tedious but fairly possible task that requires constant attention. You just need to keep a check on your daily activities in a detailed manner and cut-short any such circumstances where you have to compromise your health. This is the secret to a happy life, a fairly healthier life!