Honey Honey is a natural antiseptic which cleanses the food pipe including the delicate mucosa of the mouth.

Honey is a moisturiser also that keeps our lungs supple.

As it is lungs get dry due to pollution and cold weather.

Honey can remove acne scars without using fancy lotions and creams.

Honey can be applied to raw wounds for better healing.

Honey doesn't interfere with other medicines.

Honey acts as anti ageing agent also.

Honey has fewer calories, about 10 in half spoon and Diabetics can use it too and cut down on empty calories like fizzy drinks and special puddings available for diabetics in restaurants.

Combine honey with juice of fresh lemon and it is nothing less than drinking Amrit

Take half spoon of honey with juice of fresh lemon added to a glass of warm water and drink it everyday in the mornings preferably on an empty stomach.

It acts like perfect Diuretic which does not need added supplements of Potassium as there's no loss of minerals which are vital.

We need to get rid of Sodium chloride through our common salt which leads to swellings.

Premenstrual tensions when the ring gets to be a bit tight , do try this simple drink to get rid of swellings which are caused by fluctuating hormones.

For cardiac patients it's of great help because of keeping bad cholesterol levels low and making good cholesterol levels on the higher side.

For people suffering from high BP , this drink helps indirectly, because of taking away extra load of swellings all over the body which aren't visible until they get to reach stage higher than before.

It works to protect a person from heart attack and from an attack of stroke because the factors leading to both fatal conditions are same ,impurities in the blood.

How to procure pure honey ?

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Lemon does help cut down flab and do take it daily along with Honey, combine with proper diet and exercise to suit lifestyle.