Implants are nothing but titanium screws that are inserted in the human jaw bone to replace the missing teeth. Its absolutely non-irritable, non-toxic and bio compatible with human body. It's the best option to choose over the normal dentures for any age group. Have a look down here!


  • It is the permanent solution for replacing missing teeth as it gets fixed inside the jaw bone and acts as a root of the teeth.
  • This is the only option which acts as a substitute for root of the teeth.
  • It has no adverse reactions.
  • It is totally fixed and not something which requires removing and wearing like normal dentures.
  • It does not give a foreign body feeling like normal dentures or " fullness in mouth" like patient feels a burden to keep in the mouth and can't withstand any longer .
  • It has to be maintained like how you brush your natural teeth.
  • There are not much adjustments to be done when compared with the normal dentures and post operative discomfort is also not much disturbing.
  • Aesthetic and function wise it gives the excellent quality like natural teeth compared to normal dentures.
  • Implant restores the function of chewing any kind of food, has no restrictions.
  • You feel more confident during your interaction in public places. There is no fear in your sub-conscious that " it might come out!" Denture wearing patients do really have this phobia and while drinking fluids or gargling they tend to get dislodged.
  • Implants do not require any kind of re-positioning, no fear, because its completely fixed in the bone.
  • Complete dentures are aesthetically not so pleasing. They lack total confidence and patients require time to get adjusted. Unlike implants, they totally bring out the "emergence profile" and can withstand the chewing forces without any damage.
  • Wearing dentures causes bone loss, whereas implants they preserve the bone.
  • Infact, for young people who met with accidents and loose their natural teeth due to trauma, implants is the best option as they efficiently restore aesthetics specially in front teeth region