Obesity is causing an epidemic all around the world. Although it is affecting men and women equally,women tend to be mentally affected way more than men. Women have always been stereotyped to an ideal body size and the women who cannot achieve that size are made fun off. This is called body shaming.

It seems like women have always been under the radar for their size. The mindset that a woman should have a particular body figure is still making women troubled. However, the reality is that women come in all shapes and sizes and that’s the way it should be.

Real women may or may not have curves depending on their body type. Criticizing her for her appearance is just not worth it. Various magazines have encouraged women of different body sizes to spread awareness regarding stereotyping body sizes.

Not only are bigger women afraid of leaving their houses but also are worried to go to the doctor’s office. Studies have shown that about 45 percent of women have cancelled or postponed a doctor’s visit, as they want to lose weight first. Body shaming has increased the risk of untreated cardiovascular and other diseases. 

Furthermore, heavier women have become an object to stare at and make fun of at public places such as malls, doctor’s offices, grocery stores and much more.

 Body shaming is taxing not just for people who tend to be heavy but also for skinny people. Overweight and obese people have always been a target for others to ridicule. However, these days people who are anorexic are also being aimed at. Various descriptions such as bony, skeletal,lollipop-head and skinny are being used for skinny shaming.

Body shaming especially fat shaming needs to be stopped as soon as possible as this has led to few deaths. This is a shameful issue that needs to be taken seriously. Women who have been targeted for body shaming are the only ones who can stand up against it. The public will start following immediately. 

These women need to:

  • be confident,
  • not worry what other people say,
  • be yourself,
  • learn from celebrities who are standing up for it, and
  • love their body