With the market flooded with various brands and types of toothpastes, it is natural to be confused as to which paste to choose from, for oneself and for the family. 

So is it really helpful to have so many types of toothpastes?

But remember all toothpastes are meant to do just one important thing for which it was originally created for - that is  help in cleaning the plaque and stains on the teeth. 

So now let's try to get some clarity over the confusion raging over which toothpaste to use. 

Here are some of the common categories of toothpastes:

Whitening toothpastes

The companies claim that using this paste would whiten the teeth, but it is somewhat controversial as to how it works. Or does it work at all?

Most of the whitening toothpastes has a physical action of whitening meaning, they work by rubbing away the stains. Thus might be more abrasive and harmful to the enamel. 

It would be safer to consult a dentist regarding whitening procedures. 

Tartar removing toothpastes

A tartar removing toothpaste is formulated to help people who have high  tartar(cement) formation on their teeth.

The tartar is formed by hardening of the plaque not brushed away.

Don't expect this paste to remove existing tartar formed on the teeth, but might prevent further plaque and tartar deposition. So this might be useful for some people, but consult your dentist for correct advice. 

Sensitive teeth toothpastes

Nowadays we see lot of Sensitive toothpaste ads crying our for our attention. This paste is supposed to reduce or eliminate sensitivity of teeth to hot and cold food stuff. Yes this toothpaste works well in some cases of sensitivity and is used as a long term option.

The toothpaste has some ingredients which block the tubules in the exposed areas of the teeth and effectively block the pain.

But it would be advisable to rule out the other causes of sensitivity before using this toothpaste, in other words show a dentist.

Children's toothpaste

The question is do the children need a special toothpaste? The answer is yes, it can be useful. These toothpastes have lesser fluoride in them, so less harmful if ingested. Also higher fluoride in regular toothpastes can stain growing adult teeth.

And moreover having their own toothpaste might motivate them to brush more frequently.

Most importantly, keep in mind to use a paste with fluoride in it.  Fluoride is an important ingredient which helps in preventing decay and it protects the enamel, keeping it healthy.

And it goes without saying that brushing twice and flossing should go a long way in owning those shiny teeth, regardless of the toothpaste.