Missing single tooth or multiple teeth is the situation that can happen to anybody at anytime due to two main reasons one is tooth decay and second is by inborn development problem.

Replacing a missing tooth space is must as it disturb the teeth arrangements both in upper and lower jaw, also affects our general health , appearance and indirectly our self confidence.

Lot of good options are available to replace a missing tooth. 

  • Dental ceramic bridge
  • Dental implants

These are fixed type treatments , other removable types are also there but we are here to discuss the best possible options taking care of looks and comfort zone of patient.

Dental ceramic bridges are fixed type of treatments commonly used to replace a single or multiple missing teeth. For this treatment the teeth adjacent to missing tooth space are grind for 1.5 to 2 mm size , that leads to weaken that teeth. They are available in metal and tooth colored form whichever you choose. 

They are strong enough to chew regular food except sticky and hard food otherwise its upper white coating get break and again needs repair in lab.

Though its affordable option a very serious disadvantage its has, i.e healthy enamel loss of adjacent teeth, leads to weaken them and got decay.

Lets recall shortly.

Dental bridges - Advantages

  • Economical
  • Fixed type
  • Tooth colored options
  • Strong 
  • Good life

  • Loss of enamel coating of adjacent healthy teeth affecting their health

Dental implants - why it is the best option?

  • Best option to replace a missing tooth
  • Prevents bone loss around it
  • Very strong 
  • Long life
  • Saves adjacent healthy natural teeth 
  • Less painful

  • Very costly

So don't go for removable and cheap dental treatment options. Have a permanent solution by choosing dental implants or dental bridge for replacing your missing tooth or teeth.

Keep smiling :)