Did you say when tooth pain starts?

Or did you say, 'when the pain doesn't decrease even after taking medicines you got from your friendly pharmacist' ?

Recently in my practice, I got a patient. His complaint was, ' Sir, I have been using Sensodyne , even then the pain doesn't decrease!'. When I checked in his mouth, there was infection all around the tooth and only thing possible was removal of the tooth. 

The patient has been lured by advertisements on TV and newspapers about how certain pastes can take care of the pain. No paste or medicine can treat a tooth pain permanently. They can give you temporary relief which will require attention by your dentist at the earliest.

Usually the patients biggest reason to refuse to visit a dentist is because he/she thinks it will be painful. The fear coupled with lack of awareness results in a patient reaching a dentist only when there is no more hope left for the tooth.

Today with advancing life expectancy, it is imperative to have a good set of teeth to give you a healthy and a good quality of life.

So when should you go to a dentist?

You should go every year. Just get a cleaning of your teeth and gums done. Its virtually painless and costs Rs.1000 to 1500. It will prevent bleeding from gums and any bad breath. Also if any further treatment is required your dentist can let you know. 

Remember, this just doesn't apply for you but also for your kids. Anyone with teeth should go for yearly check-ups.

If you have pain, sensitivity or any other problem of the tooth, visit your dentist immediately. If you are out of town, call your dentist and ask for guidance. Believe me, we don't mind helping our patients.