Life does not appear to be worth living without food. The more I eat better I feel, and after a few hours later it is the regret that takes over. And sometime Regurgitation, Acidity, and feeling of Bloated Tummy. But that's a small price to pay for the pleasure that comes from food. And yes, I am worried about the increasing weight and the health issues it is inviting. Therefore, I have decided not to meet any doctor and neither get my blood test. What's the point? Whatever is left of life (food) will also be snatched if I get diagnosed with some hormonal disorder and pre-diabetes. Food gives me a High!   

I have tried all Diet Charts, Doctors, and Exercises and all failed me miserably. Frankly, I could not sustain any advice or tip for more than a week. The hunger is too much. I did feel good when I saw myself in the mirror losing weight but then all that pain just seemed too much. There is nothing in my life which I can control. Without food, I feel empty inside. Food is my only friend. But deep inside I know -I am sick of being overweight, please help me before I die.

Above is the Food Addiction story of a lot of patients coming to me for the treatment of a Modern Disorder-Obesity due to Food Addiction. The Modern lifestyle has brought in numerous challenges along with it. There is some race going on to get instant gratification and Quick Fix results. Hard work, Pain, and Struggle are now only to be heard and seen in Movies. The biggest looser has been our relationship with ourselves!

Since you are not getting the daily dose of success; you feel empty. Life appears to be a burden, depressive and Tiring. The gratification which should come from small achievements and daily progress has started coming from Food. Humans are abusing food like never. The unhappiness with oneself is all time high. There are a restlessness and lack of focus. Your own deafness to the inner voice is costing you your precious life. And your Soul cries and that crying manifests itself in the form of Disease. The Gift of God gets sick and unhappy. Chronic Disease is nothing but a manifestation of a crying soul.

Food is important and no one is denying that. But food abuse is not normal. Then how does one win over this necessary evil when it takes over control of you? Here are some of the Tips for your recovery.

Listen to your Faith

Did God really want you to eat that much? Do you really appreciate yourself seeing you as a slave of Food? The disrespect you hurl at your body by feeding it with excessive food is not what God designed for you.

Plan your Daily food 

Your emotional zone is so occupied with information overload and drive for success that your choice of food suffers. Stop watching TV, Stop Gossiping, stop working, switch off your mobile phone and plan your food for the day. The majority of my patients who lost weight had a clear Goals for the food they are going to eat for that day. Some of them planned to eat only Boiled Daal, Boiled egg whites, Low Carb diet in the morning itself. They wrote their diet down early in the day and followed the plan through the day.

Eat Right 

Pick up right food. If your lifestyle is bad your food choices are bad. You pick up Wrong relationships, wrong career, and obviously wrong food. Food is also about choice.

Don't Go Extreme

Undoubtedly the biggest cause of failure is adopting extreme diets. Don’t stop eating Carbs, taper it down slowly and let your body adjust. Many people end up damaging their other organs by suddenly reducing the carb intake. There are no short cuts. It takes a while to get rid of Sugar dependency.

Drink a lot of water

Most of the times the human brains gets confused between the hunger and thirst signal. The thirst is mistaken for HungerBefore you reach out to Food; drink water to ensure you served your body correctly.

The vicious Cycle

The cycle of Starvation and Overeating Trap is well known. It is important to be consistent throughout your journey. You are not Film stars who do it for Million Dollars. Slow and Steady will win the race.  

Find Alternatives

Instead of treating food as a form of meditation how about Yoga? All that restlessness, crying of the soul, the feeling of emptiness can go away if you do 30-45 minutes of Yoga. It will keep you happy, relaxed, and calm. And Yoga will not break your knees!

Get Younger, Stronger and More in Control by practicing all the above. Dying for Food is not worth it.