The procedure that involves braces and orthodontic treatment does not cause any harm to the integrity of your teeth post-treatment. We at Little Pearls are here to explain everything you need to know about the different phases involved in the treatment for diagnosis to completion, especially for kids.

The Basics of Braces for Parents

Early orthodontic treatment for kids has numerous benefits. Many malocclusions can be found in children by Orthodontists especially during the transition phase when they begin to shed the milk teeth and the eruption of permanent teeth proceeds. This is usually because of the variation in size and shape of the maxillary (upper teeth) and the mandibular (lower teeth). When the maxillae are bigger compared to the mandible (lower jaw) it results in a condition called as the overbite. When the mandible (lower jaw) is bigger compared to the maxillae (upper jaw) it results in a condition called as the underbite.

Can adults wear braces?

Braces not only help kids by treatments involving pediatric orthodontics correct their crooked teeth and various malocclusions but also help adults achieve a beautiful smile. These days adults have many options including invisible and removable clear aligners called Invisalign.