Cervical fractures can prove to be fatal as it protects the spinal cord. If cervical vertebrae are injured, there is a good chance of injury and inflammation of spinal cord. A person suspected with cervical vertebrae fracture should be approached with precautions. Following first aid can be given:


Immobilizing the patient is most crucial when dealing with such cases. Make the patient lie on his back so there is no bending and twisting in the neck which could impinge the spinal cord. Check for consciousness and breathing. Only move the patient if there is any danger and while doing so, ensure that neck is properly stabilized.

Maintain airway

Airway should be kept clear so that the person can breathe. Open mouth of the person but do not extend the head as it may cause injury to spinal cord. Try to remove any blood etc from airway so the person doesn’t choke.

Don’t remove helmet

Cervical injuries often require large amount of force and is generally seen in sports and road traffic accidents. In such cases if person is wearing a helmet it should not be removed as it keeps the head stable in case there is a head injury too.

Call an ambulance

Ambulance should be called immediately. The paramedic team can stabilize the neck with a collar before transporting the patient to the hospital without causing much movement. This can avoid injury to the spinal cord that saves the patient from major disability and even death.