Dental implant procedures are one of the most popular dental procedures available in the recent times. There are several benefits of dental implants for people who have one, few or all teeth missing. 

There are many factors which contribute in deciding the requirement and thereby the success of the dental implants. This includes :

  • Type of dental prosthesis to be used
  • Oral hygiene of the patient
  • Daily habits of the patients
  • Age
  • Gender

Therefore, it is important to choose the criteria to perform the relevant treatment at the right point of time in order to get the best results.

Age is an important factor which contributes to a great extent to the success of the dental implants. With age, there is lot of bone resorption occurring in the mouth which determines  the success in the insertion of the implant as well as the functioning of the implants. 

Minimum age : Dental implants are recommended in children with untimely loss of teeth once they have crossed puberty so that they have completed the basic growth of the jaw bones. If implant treatments are done in the growing jawbones, then research says that the particular implants can interrupt in the natural growth of the jawbone thus leading to major changes in the jawbone.

The growth of the jaw continues till 18 or 20 in many of the cases and therefore it is recommended to start the treatment in the people with missing teeth at earliest 18-20 years of age .  In some cases, this can be as low as 16 years. Since every individual is different, it is best left upto the doctor to determine feasibility of placing implants below 20 years of age . Growth assessment can be done by various tests that would indicate active growth/ completion of growth .

Maximum age : Dental implants procedures are done successfully in the elderly patients. For this, it always to the adult and elderly patients to get the bone amount present for the dental implant procedure, so that the treatment done can ensure success.

There is no such specific maximum age till which dental implant procedures can be done. Any individual can get dental implant procedure done as long as the doctors considers his physical fitness good enough to undergo this simple procedure.  Any elderly patient who is aesthetically concerned about their smile can get the dental implants placed in the missing teeth area. Patients as high at 90 years have also undergone this treatment without any complication. As a matter of fact , majority of the patients are over 65 years of age. 

Thus, dental implants are a great choice for any individual once the above points are noted and followed.