One of the worst problem we face in the 21st century is obesity, a silent killer which is directly responsible for more than 40 diseases! Though we haven't completely understood obesity but what we know is it is multifactorial and genetics plays a role. There have been  humpty number of diet plans available in the market, the numbers itself say none of the diet regimen works for everyone constantly. 

Our blueprint, the DNA, plays a key role in determining our body metabolism. Every individual is unique in the way we respond to food and that uniqueness is brought about by our DNA. Such DNA Diet Plans may be of help even after a Weight Loss Surgery. Though right now we have positive short term results but long term results are awaited. By 2020 it will be practical to use a combination of DNA Diet, Behavioral ,Lifestyle Modification and Surgical modalities to get a long lasting health benefits by reducing our body weights.

A simple saliva sample is enough to sequence DNA and with other factors, a computer algorithm can give an instant plan for a lasting weight loss!

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