Drinking enough water a day is stressed on by many doctors as well as elders. Many people have the habit of overlooking the importance of water in our daily life. 

Why water is necessary?

The most common reason that most people are aware of is that it is essential for good digestion and smooth running of digestive processes. Lack of water does not give the digestive system enough fluids to digest the relatively dry food that enters our stomach. It prevents indigestion and constipation and leads to a healthy lifestyle. 

It is essential to drink water to flush out the toxic byproducts of our digestive system. If not flushed out this could make a person very ill and hence, the necessity to drink enough water a day.  

Not drinking enough water leads to accumulation of toxins in the kidneys, this can lead to urinary tract infections as well as kidney stones. Drinking enough water a day is an effective way of boosting one’s immune system and keeping illnesses like the flu, heart attacks and other ailments at bay. 

Drinking water is essential to keep the body hydrated and helps boost energy levels.This aids in better concentration, which helps an individual function better.  Lack of water leads to dehydration, which leads to exhaustion,sometimes to such an extent that they may faint if they are required to do work which requires a certain degree of physical strain. 

Drinking enough water is also an effective method of weight loss. It helps to increase metabolism and therefore, it helps to maintain a steady weight and helps reduce excess body fat. 

Water keeps the joints lubricated and helps prevent joint pains and cramps. It also keeps muscles elastic and helps increase agility and co-ordination. It also helps prevent headaches and migraines, which are very often caused due to dehydration,and helps keep a person fit to perform their daily chores.  

Water in general helps in better functioning and increased efficiency in daily work.This helps an individual to carry out their duties with ease and without hindrances. 

How much water does the human body need in a day? 

  • For men it is roughly 13 cups or 3 liters 
  • For women it is 9 cups or 2.2 liters a day to keep a healthy lifestyle.  

However,it is wholly dependent on an individual’s body weight and their physical activities in a day.