Premature ejaculation means quick ejaculation, that happens before one has achieved his own or his partners satisfaction during sex. Most young men would suffer from inability to control ejaculation, and land up ejaculating too quickly, some times even before having successful intercourse. 

Although it is said to be common in young men, PE can affect any man at any walk of life some time or other. 

Why is it troublesome to have PE?

It is because of inability to achieve good satisfaction in bed. When undiagnosed and untreated, it has been reported to be a cause of marital dissatisfaction and some of the female partners opting to get out the of the relationship or getting out of the marriage even. 

Apart from the female partners dissatisfaction, males themselves may develop loss of self esteem and lack of confidence. Having lost one's confidence in bed can have far reaching consequences on  a person's psyche, it may also affect his social and professional life adversely in addition to the marital discord. 

Why does it happen?  

There are multiple myths associated with man's sex performance. Some of those beliefs are ill-based and can cause more harm than cure to the man. 

Let us learn the causative factors of PE:

1: Anxiety - is the most common cause of PE

2: Certain physical factors, such as problems with the penile skin 

3: Stress factors 

4: Privacy issues

Lastly, it is important to rule out the female factor as a cause

PE can have far reaching impact on one's inter personal and social life. Yet, It can be controlled or even cured. 

It is important to consult a right doctor, preferably a trained sexologist and get evaluated at the earliest.