In a word, yes, there is. Increased levels of the hormone progesterone and extra blood circulating around your body give your skin that legendary rosy 'glow' of pregnancy. Your skin also retains more moisture during pregnancy, which plumps it up, giving your face an instant lift and smoothing out any fine lines. There are other benefits, too. During the second trimester, your fingernails can grow faster, your hair becomes thicker, and your breasts go up a cup size or two. And you'll almost certainly feel better than you did during the first trimester.

The downside is that you may look puffy from water retention. Also, any red patches that you already have on your face may become more visible. These will eventually calm down once you've given birth. In the meantime, if you want to hide them, try using a moisturising foundation or BB (blemish or beauty balm) cream. You may also notice the appearance of brown patches on your forehead, cheeks and neck. This is called chloasma. It is caused by your body making extra melanin, which is the hormone that creates pigment in your skin. The pigment is produced in your skin to protect you from UV light, so the patches may darken if exposed to a lot of sunlight. To stop the patches from getting darker, cover up with a dupatta, scarf or a hat. You could also carry an umbrella when stepping outdoors and wear a suitable sunscreen for your skin type.