Osteoporosis is a condition identified by a decrease in the density of bones, decreasing its strength and resulting in fragile bones. In other words, it is a low mineral thickness of bones, causing a weak structure of bones and making person more liable for fractures even after trivial injuries.

Causes of osteoporosis are when the person has the overuse of alcohol and cigarette smoking, take low diet or absorption of calcium, having low vitamin D, low level of exercise, etc. fractures caused due to the osteoporosis may take a long time period to heal and can cause to a permanent disability. So it makes awareness to treat osteoporosis before the bones break. To choose a healthy lifestyle, regular exercise, avoiding smoking. The person has premature disease do not have any complaints at all. Some people may feel a dull ache in the neck, in the back and in other bones of the body.

According to doctor Kunal, there is some risk in this procedure in osteoporosis like poor general health, dementia, Asian race, early menopause, etc. if you feel any kind of pain in the neck, in lower back and in other bones of your body. Consult immediately to your doctor.