Abortion is the expulsion of products of conception either fully or partially. The causes of abortion vary from hormonal disturbances any trauma or injury, a severe shock, infectious and foetal abnormalities. It is a nature's way of rejecting a malformed baby.
Other reasons can be:
  • TORCH infections.
  • Uterine weakness or displacement.
  • Cervical canal weakness.
SYMPTOMS you might be experiencing an abortion: 
  • Bleeding from vagina either profuse or in spots.
  • Pain is usually dull type of pain in abdomen and back


  • If you have a bad obstretic history like repeated abortions, malformed foetuses, consult a gynaecologist as soon as pregnancy is suspected.
  • Do not over strain, carry weights, or do labourous jobs during pregnancy.
  • Take plenty of rest but do take some light exercise. Exercises should be done only under medical guidance or expert opinion.
  • Take doctor's advice on diet and medicate.
  • Do not self medicate.
  • Regular follow ups with doctor is must.